Top Reasons Why Customers Choose VxRail

What are the top reasons why customers of Dell EMC choose VxRail? In this two-page article you can read the top-7 reasons, in just 5 minutes.

Accelerate IT Transformation with HCI

This paper explains how and why software-defined technology, such as HCI, is being deployed and how this supports organizations illustrated by use cases.

Your IT environment, ready for the future

Can your IT environment rapidly respond to changes? Are you storing your data efficiently in order to keep it available at all times and gain the best insights? Is your data safe and are you compliant? Is your IT department able to fulfill all your organizational needs? Future-proof your IT environment and work towards a stable infrastructure: on-premise, off-premise or in the hybrid cloud.


Your next IT-refresh moment could be a crucial beginning of your digital transformation. Do you want to stay a relevant player in your market?

Imagine how much time and money you can save when your applications and data take less time to load. How do you improve the performance of your data center?

Large amounts of data lead to many risks. Is your data really safe? How do you comply with legislation? Are you prepared for calamities?

Managing infrastructure and data is a full time job for many IT departments. How do you reduce complexity, management and costs?


Journey to the cloud

Are you struggling with storage that does not meet your requirements, but instead makes the management of your systems more complex? Are your applications too slow? And your support points too numerous, which makes it no longer possible to identify who is responsible?

In that case, it is time to start your journey to a simplified infrastructure.

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